Thursday, April 9, 2009

Today was a very emotionaly hard day for my family. It started out as a typical, racing against the clock type of day. Rushing around, trying to get everyone ready for work, Nolan dressed, get James to work on time, then heading to wait at Nolan's school for it to open while after that I finally make it to work, all before eight o'clock in the morning.
Around 9:30, we had two Sheriff's department officers here at my work because a man is stealing chips from our recycling bins. He is a cronic offender. While the officer's are here, our core management shows up and that is when the day just fell apart.
Around 10:45, a nice woman here at work was layed off....totally unexpected. They stated her position is no longer exists. Hmmm..strange, but she seems okay with it. I think it was just her voice saying that she was okay, but was feeling totally wrecked after being discarded in such a frivilous fashion.
My friends and I go to lunch, just to get out of the office. We all had this feeling that there was someting more going to happen today. You know those days when you can just feel it. You just know deep down that something is going to happen.
Fifteen minutes into our lunch, my great friend gets called into a meeting. The core management wants to move her to a different department and take pay from her. She has worked thirteen years at this company, and with out any regard to her, her family or others they are just giving her this crappy choice to take it or leave it.
She decides and tells them that she is going to have to think about it. Good for her. She doesn't deserve that.
Flash forward to six o'clock. Neighbors that we haven't seen for a year-and-a-half stopped by to visit. Great people. We chat and catch up. Around six thirty they are leaving and our dog has gotten out the front door. She calls for her and as the dog turns around, an SUV is quickly driving through our neighborhood and hits her. I seen the whole thing happen. It was a flash in time that will never leave me. I will never forget that sight that I seen. I just had to look away. There was no way that I could bring myself to look out and see her in the road.
I call for James. "Sheba just got hit by a car." "What" James says and runs out the door.
While he is running out to her, my neighbor is telling me to get a blanket and towel. I grab the blanket on the chair and run outside while asking my four-year-old son to stay inside. I go outside to find that she has run off. Crap. Where did she go?
The next two hours my family searched for our beloved, set-in-her-ways dog of 10 years. We look within a 4 street, in each direction, radius with no luck. We searched on foot, by car and by voice with no luck. James decided that our son needed to eat dinner, so he went in and started that for him while I still searched.
The light of the day was almost done when I quietly said to myself, "Come on Sheba, where did you go? Please come out to where I can see you. It is almost dark."
I drove back home to see James chatting with the neighbor across the street smoking a cigarette. James no longer smokes, but given the circumstances, I'm okay with it.
As I pull up, he gives me the thumbs up. Huh? What does that mean?
He tells me he has found her. He seen he jogging two blocks away and called to her. She has come home!
He tells me that she has some cuts and appears to be okay.
I rush inside the house to look for myself, not sure of what I would see. There she was, standing in the living room, panting very hard.
I'm am relieved to see her there. Astonished is more like. I have no idea how this little dog is still alive, much less with a small amount of road burn and a small spot of dried blood on her ear.
How is this so? I seen with my own eyes her being hit by the SUV. My old neighbor seen her roll and tumble. I heard the horrible sound. I was afraid to look, thinking I would know what I would see, but here she is. Safe, okay and shocked....just like our family.
James decided to take her to the emergency vet. Probably not a bad idea since we have no idea is she has internel injuries. She has some trouble getting up to stand, but when putting pressure on different parts of her body, she does not flinch or wine. I'm seeing this as a positive sign.
After about an hour of James being gone, I give the emergency vet a call. James is standing right there, so the nurse gives him the phone. She is going to be okay. No broken bones, no internel bleeding. Some sore and bruised muscles is what she ran away with. Amazing.
It is amazing to me that our little dog of ten years just ran away from a major near-death experience. The only explination I can have for this is that she must have vanished or time traveled for a brief period of time. There isn't another explanation for it. I truely thought there was no way that she could have survived this accident, but she did survior. She is a survivor.