Friday, October 31, 2008

Today was Nolan's Fall party at school. I went early and helped with the set-up in his classroom. Here are what the tables looked like. They had pretty healthy stuff. Lots of fruit, some crackers and cheese.

After his party the whole school had a parade. Each class walked around the indoor play space in front of everyone. Nolan did the whole Spiderman thing for everyone. The whole web thing and just have fun waving to everyone.

Each year I take a picture of his first house the we visit trick-or-treating. I love seeing how much he has grown, both physically and mentally. He was able to do to the door "by himself" this year.

Every year I get one of these shots too. I love seeing him and his Daddy walking down the street together.

Well, I totally thought this was going to be the "year" that Nolan loved Halloween. He has been excited the last two weeks just waiting for it. He wore his costume at school today, we went and seen Daddy at work, ate some pizza and then went out. He lasted maybe 30-45 minutes and was ready to come home. After 10 minutes he didn't even want to carry his pumpkin pail anymore. Not sure what was up with that, but it didn't last as long as expected. I wish it had because it was soooooooo nice tonight. The nicest Halloween I have every remembered. We're talking like 60's. I had a t-shirt on!
We had a wonderful night. We got to see baby Jackson today and that was great. He is so darling. I'm pretty tuckered out, so I'm off to bed. Maybe the husband will let me sleep in tomorrow! :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Had an awesome day with my BFF today. I went with her this morning to find out the sex of the's another girl! She gave Katrina 19 pictures. No name even thought of yet, but so many people were for sure she was having a boy, including the doc.
We did lots of fun stuff today. We went to Nolan the cutest Christmasy jammies eva (red and green plain,) went to Target, bought Nolan a shirt. Somewhere between those two, we went to Le Monde for lunch. It's a nice Mediterranean restaurant.
Seriously, did everyone play hookie today? Everywhere we went there were tons of people! During the day, like on a Saturday busy. It was crazy.
We came back to my house and watched Lipstick Jungle. We love that show. James fixed some french toast for dinner and after that we went back to her place to pick my car up. It was so nice to have some girl time, no kids, no husband and out of the house.
I'm starting to read, "Lost Souls." It was recommended by a friend. She said she couldn't put it down. I tried to read the latest Stephenie Meyer book, "The Host," but gave up about half way through it. I just could not get into it!
I'm off to read the book. My in-laws will be in town tomorrow. Yeah!!! Those people are just fun and Nolan really loves them.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Diana....

A big Happy Birthday to my sister, Diana!!!!!!!!

Boo, and shame on you Desperate Housewives for having such a crappy season. Anyone else feel that way?
Boo to Hero's too. Hello, loved (past tense) that show. What the heck are they doing to it this year?

Big Yeah's and Cheers to:

Lipstick Jungle....oh Kerby and the fashion. You are unbelievable.
Big Bang Theory.....need I say more. I almost pee my pants everytime I watch this show.

I'm definitely leaving:

Private Practice.....nothing. Notta... horrible this season.
Dirty Sexy Money......sorry

How does everyone else feel about the new season's of their shows? It seems the writers can't catch their groove since the strike.

Nothing scrappy happening here. I still haven't unpacked from Scrap Pink. I started my vacation today and you would think I would have scrapped. I read, "The Host" (which is totally sucking...) and watched some tv. Oh, did I mention the nap I took? So much better than work. Can't sleep in tomorrow. I have to take Nolan to school all week, so I must get up every morning. ugh.....but I look forward to that nap. :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

A picture from Nolan's Fall Festival last night at his preschool. It was a lot of fun. Turned out to be a good family picture.

Caught this little gem after Nolan put his costume on. He has been dying to wear his new costume. He kept asking us everyday if it was Friday. When he woke up Friday he was like, "Mommy, wait day it is?" I said, "It's Friday." He says, "Yes" and did the hole fist pump thing. Totally cute.

We have these out in front of our house. We have a built in planter, so we stick these in there during the season. Their pretty scary looking.....

Our Jack-o-lanterns. Nolan's is on the far left, mine is in the middle and James' is on the right. We have those flame less battery operated candles in there. Those are super nice, but not as bright as a real candle.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Definately time for an update

So, since I haven't updated in awhile with pictures, he goes!
First up-a card I made for a friend who lost her Mom. We work together, so I made it for our South company to sign and give to her.

Next up, the pumpkin patch today. I had James snap a picture of me and Nolan. Not exactly the best since the wind was blowing like crazy, but at least it is a captured moment.

Now, working our way backwards throughout the day! Here is the pumpkin that he picked out! I love that it is green and orange. He said he wanted a huge pumpkin, bigger than James' head, but I guess this is it! Never knew my husband had such a small head. he he he

This is a little train they have that they can ride. It takes them around most of the property. The great thing is, it gave James and me some time for a break and regroup.

This is a picture that Nolan took. He loves using my big camera....even though I don't like it. I have one hand one the strap at all times and he NEVER gets to touch it without me around. A $700+camera and then add in another $200 for the lens.....I don't think so.

We all rode these awesome slides. You can't see it here, but they are put inside a large hill and you slide down on something similar to a round winter snow sled. Super fun and super fast! Nolan totally chickened out and wouldn't go down by himself either time. I so went first and had a blast!

They have a new "Jumping Pillow" this year. Nolan is so light that with all the kids jumping on this, this is what He did manage to jump on like spiderman (seriously, he through himself belly flop style and just layed there) but bounced on a few seconds later. I almost peed my pants it was so funny.

This is going up huge in our living room. I might even do a canvas.

Okay, so I was supposed to post my layouts from scrap pink like forever ago. Well, I finally took pictures and here they are.

This last one isn't finished yet, but you get the idea. .... this is what he said while I was taking the pictures..Not sure how I'm going to add the embelli's, but I'll think of something!

It has been a long day. Nolan is in the tub and I have got to go. Everyone have a great week.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

So Misty, you have me reminiscing since you posted on your blog about your delivery. All day I have thought about what was happening 4 years ago today.
At 5:00 pm I went to labor and delivery to be induced. Nothing significant really happens until tomorrow, but I did get my oral induction medication, an IV (ouch,) and the proclamation that I would not be eating for awhile....I did find out it was 3 days later before I ate, but I will get to that story tomorrow. Hah! So, the action of my journey actually starts tomorrow at 5:00 am when my water breaks when I turn over in bed. More on that.
Last night James and I had a date night. Is it lame that dinner and birthday shopping is a date night? We tried Logan's Roadhouse since we won the gift card. So the verdict is, I'm not a huge fan, not even enough to go back. I'm mean, it was O-kay....but Texas Roadhouse is soooo much better and less expensive, not that Logan's is like Outback. The steak, the yeast rolls, oh so better at Texas Roadhouse.... I decided that I was going to splurge and have myself a drink. No Smirnoff I tried option 2, since they have a "full" bar. Well, so much for the full bar. No Yager and no Goldslagger. WTHizzle? So, I settled for water. Carma was telling me it wasn't a good idea.
Tomorrow we are going bowling, have a DQ cake and just keeping it fun. Nolan picked out a Star Wars cake, so I'm having them put, "May the 4th Be With You." How lame is that? lol

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Company picnic

Today we had our company picnic. They took us to the zoo this year. I'm sharing a few of my favorite pictures from today.

Isn't this bird the cutest with his little white mustache? He was hangin' out with the penguins.

I just love these pink birds and the light shimmering off the water.

In all seriousness, this bird was actually posing for me. When I took my camera out, this is what it did, and as soon as I put it away, he went back to cleaning himself.

This is too funny. We had those mixed Hersey bars on our tables, kinda for decoration, but obviously the squirrel got a hold of one. He was thoroughly enjoying it. He was just unwrapping, eating a little, unwrapping a little more. Sooo cute. I can totally see this picture in the company newsletter.

Nolan watching the penguins. It was a very fun day. It was beautiful outside. A perfect day for the zoo. James and I both won door prizes. A g/c to Wal-Mart (will be spent on Nolan's birthday) and a g/c to Logan's steakhouse. (can you say date night?)
It really was a nice family day. Hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Here is a little update about Thursday. It was a long day. James picked Nolan up from preschool around 330 to take him to the ENT. When he got there, a kid had just come barreling through and accidentally knocked Nolan right over onto the sidewalk giving him the biggest goose egg I have ever seen. As a mother, I was seriously scared of letting him go to sleep last night. I checked on him 4 times before I went to bed.
I went to my weight watchers meeting and felt like a fish out of water. I don't feel like I fit into that meeting, so I am going to try a different day.
When I got home, James surprised us (and felt like smuck after he found out where I had been) by taking us to eat at Knolla's Pizza and Dairy Queen for dessert. Knolla's is my favorite pizza. OM Goodness that is some yummy stuff.
The ENT said that he has minor hearing loss after this last infection. Hopefully it will come back, but if it doesn't, it isn't enough to impact his life in a major way. They are not going to do surgery to close the holes in his ears yet. He said that surgery may not even heal them, so he wants to check him out in another 4 months.
I woke up this morning with Pink Eye. What the hizzle? Where did that come from? Oy....I have it in both eyes too. I took Nolan to school, went to work since I was already out and just told the boss, picked up my awesome new book (Breaking Dawn. The last book of the Twilight series) that my friend Kelly got me and went to the dr. for some drops. I went home and took a nap. Boy my eyes feel like they are on fire. I can't even read my book because they hurt so bad. I'm pretty sure I got it just from my allergies and cold. 2 drops in each eye, 4 times a day for 5 days. That's a lot to remember.
James is making steak for dinner and just asked for my help, so I'm off. Have a great weekend. We're watching Star Wars the Clone Wars on Cartoon Network tonight. Nolan is so stoked!