Saturday, October 11, 2008

So Misty, you have me reminiscing since you posted on your blog about your delivery. All day I have thought about what was happening 4 years ago today.
At 5:00 pm I went to labor and delivery to be induced. Nothing significant really happens until tomorrow, but I did get my oral induction medication, an IV (ouch,) and the proclamation that I would not be eating for awhile....I did find out it was 3 days later before I ate, but I will get to that story tomorrow. Hah! So, the action of my journey actually starts tomorrow at 5:00 am when my water breaks when I turn over in bed. More on that.
Last night James and I had a date night. Is it lame that dinner and birthday shopping is a date night? We tried Logan's Roadhouse since we won the gift card. So the verdict is, I'm not a huge fan, not even enough to go back. I'm mean, it was O-kay....but Texas Roadhouse is soooo much better and less expensive, not that Logan's is like Outback. The steak, the yeast rolls, oh so better at Texas Roadhouse.... I decided that I was going to splurge and have myself a drink. No Smirnoff I tried option 2, since they have a "full" bar. Well, so much for the full bar. No Yager and no Goldslagger. WTHizzle? So, I settled for water. Carma was telling me it wasn't a good idea.
Tomorrow we are going bowling, have a DQ cake and just keeping it fun. Nolan picked out a Star Wars cake, so I'm having them put, "May the 4th Be With You." How lame is that? lol

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Paul, Misty, and Evan said...

Yeah, sorry for the urge to reminisce! I was just thinking ALOT about the events that led up to Evan's birth, and really needed a way to put it down and process through it. It seemed that I kept reminding myself about the date and thinking about what I was doing at that very moment last year.
But, anyhow...I can't believe that Nolan will be 4!! That is NUTS. And your idea is not is creative and I think it's cool. I'm excited to hear about your birth story too.