Sunday, October 5, 2008

Company picnic

Today we had our company picnic. They took us to the zoo this year. I'm sharing a few of my favorite pictures from today.

Isn't this bird the cutest with his little white mustache? He was hangin' out with the penguins.

I just love these pink birds and the light shimmering off the water.

In all seriousness, this bird was actually posing for me. When I took my camera out, this is what it did, and as soon as I put it away, he went back to cleaning himself.

This is too funny. We had those mixed Hersey bars on our tables, kinda for decoration, but obviously the squirrel got a hold of one. He was thoroughly enjoying it. He was just unwrapping, eating a little, unwrapping a little more. Sooo cute. I can totally see this picture in the company newsletter.

Nolan watching the penguins. It was a very fun day. It was beautiful outside. A perfect day for the zoo. James and I both won door prizes. A g/c to Wal-Mart (will be spent on Nolan's birthday) and a g/c to Logan's steakhouse. (can you say date night?)
It really was a nice family day. Hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did!

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