Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What? I Read?

You bet your sweet ass I do.....and I do it all. The. Time. I do it so much that I created a site just for all of my book reviews. I am already posting to Goodreads and straight to the author, so why not put it up on my own site too. I can hopefully reach more people that way then someone randomly discovering me on Goodreads. That site is HUGE!

Anyways, over at Chapter Break I have more of this hottie. I'm trying to get Mr. Westin noticed so he can be a cover model for one my Indie Authors that are all the rage right now.
Now, if you enjoying reading books, you might be interested in heading over to my book blog. I read almost all Romance, and New Adult Romance, but have been known to read Dystopian and YA books too.
So, if you like authors similar to E.L. James, Colleen Hoover, Abbie Glines, Jennifer McGuire, Kendall Ryan,  J. Kenner (claim me, release me) or Molly McAdams, send yourself over to my book blog and check it out. It is very virginal, but it's getting there.
Since there isn't a ton of content that leaves you plenty of time to stare at Westin's body. Isn't he dreamy? I have a whole lot more of them over at Chapter Break and I have a link on the site where you can listen to his music too.
Girls, get your butts over to www.chapterbreak.com like now!