Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Karate and a couple new pages

So, not a whole bunch has been happening this week. Nolan is sick with a sinus infection and I have an ear infection from my allergies. I swear, I take sudafed and/or musanex D everyday and it just wasn't enough. I am a huge baby when it comes to ear infections because I have had them so much when I was little. My ear is feeling better. I have sinuses that when I blow my nose I have to blow air for a couple of blows, then a huge wad of snot comes out. I know, TMI! Anywho, today I was blowing my nose, not very hard mind you, and I swear I popped a vessel. The whole right side of my head (back of head) and the way to the back of my eye aches. Everytime I blow, I let out a little, "Ow" because it hurts.
I scrapped a couple of layouts last night. These are actually from the crop that Scrapfunattic had the last time.

So, when we took Nolan to Fun Fair for Kids we received a free Karate class. We had the class last night and Nolan earned his white belt. I have to say that he did pretty well, consider he is 3 1/2 and all.

Here he is in his white belt and doing the stance.

Another stance he learned. This one took a little help.

Nolan learning to kick.
Nolan's numb chucks. Oh, look out!

Nolan got to break a wood board in front of the class. Yes it is real wood. He was so proud of himself and so were we.

I'm really excited for him. He seemed very proud of himself and looked like he really enjoyed it. Well folks, I'm off to spend some time with the husband. Oh yeah. I'm doing the March for Babies this Saturday. If you're out there, give me a shout or if you're not walking, cheer me on!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thursday, April 17, 2008

This weather....only in Kansas

So, I haven't been feeling a 100% this week. Let me back-up and start from Friday. Friday I brought my awesome friend Caitlin to Scrapfunattic and we had a blast. She got to see all the new scrap stuff that is out there now and had a wonderful time. We were supposed to come home, color my hair and watch Juno. We were so dang tired, we went to bed instead. Oh well.
So Saturday, we get up and took Nolan to Fun Fair for Kids. It was so much fun!! The only downfall was the parking. Hello? We are building an arena down there too? Here are some pictures of us having a good time. Lots of bouncing and having good clean fun. Okay, for some reason blogger will only put them at the beginning. ????

Sunday we stayed home and cleaned the house. James got the carpets cleaned. With all these animals, he has to clean them about once a month.
During this workweek, I have been asked to take 2 different senior pictures, make senior party invitations and do a photo restoration. Kinda cool about the seniors. I'm feeling the cramp in time because I want to do the parade of homes once this weekend and once next weekend.
James went to the Chiropractor today for his back. They are really going to try and get him fixed up. I went to one once before and they were all about the money. Dopps Chiropractic is about the patient. They are so willing to work with you and work with the insurance company. They are just plain awesome. There is stuff for the kids to do, popcorn, candy everywhere and the people are SO nice. If you need a chiropractor, try Dopps!
Well, I'm sure I have so much more to say, but I'm gonna go chill. Have a great rest of the week.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Humpity Hump Day

It's Wednesday. Yeah rah. (note the sarcasm) Not much going on today. Went to work, felt sick to my stomach still and came home. woo freakin' hoo. lol I started feeling kinda yucky yesterday (no post) and went to bed like around 5 or 6 ish. I sure haven't eaten anything. I had a banana and some ritz crackers for breakfast. At least it stayed down. It almost feels like morning sickness, buy the husband is fixed and I have an IUD, so no babies in this factory!
Right now I am uploading some pictures to bring to crop night at Scrapfunattic. I just can't wait. I bring two Scrapfunattic virgins too. One girl is stuck scrapping in the 80's and the other is an awesome friend of mine. After we get done scrapping, she is going to color my hair. I'm thinking of doing the ends red. I have an appointment for a haircut tomorrow after work, so it will be ready for color late friday night.
Today was nice because Katrina didn't have to work her second job and I got to see her a little bit before she went to bed early. Working two jobs has made her exhausted.
Well, my husband is waiting for me. Gotta run. Update more later gators!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday already?

Well folks, my weekend was very busy. On Friday we took Nolan swimming. Boy can that boy swim. He always has such a good time and wears himself out. On Saturday, we started cleaning the house. I mean, spring cleaning the house. James and I got our pantry cleaned out. Whew, that needed to be done for like, oh, since we moved in! jk....but is has been awhile. After cleaning, for like ever, we called it quits around 3 and took Nolan to Sea Dreams to pick out his fish. Well, he was so tired from not having a nap, and so overwhelmed, that he had me pick it out. So, what did Mom get him you ask? I got him a little frog and a see through fish that has a lime green stripe on his back, and no, it is not a neon. I wanted to get him the little puffer fish, so cute, but eats meat and it could bite him. I really doubt that it would, but this is his starter fish. We will wait for that one! He fell asleep in the car on the way home to drop the fish off, the off to Grandma's we went. I had to hook up her printer. (Don't ask) I got that all done, then we were off to go home, start up the grill and have us some bbq chicken baby! Yummy!
Sunday was a little bit more quit. A lot more cleaning and oh my, wait for it, are you ready, I got fresh air into the house by opening the windows. What's that you say? Open the windows? Heck yeah! It was so nice this weekend. I can't believe we had a nice day here in Kansas and it didn't get ruined by some other Kansas weather. hehehe
Today I went to work, took Nolan to the library to get some Seuss books and came home. A friend at work's mom sells Beauty Control and Caitilin and I had planned to have her Mom give us facials. OMG For those that have not used Beauty Control, you have got to try it!! I have exzema, so this is the first body was I have ever used that helps and I don't itch. It is amazing. I got to try all kinds of their products today and I so love it!! Their hand scrub,...speechless. Even my husband tried it and loved it. The moisturizer lasts at least 3 handwashes, but the scrub is amazing. Let me know if you are interested and I might have a spa party. You get to try and the awesome products, relax and no pressure sales. Her Mom, Tracy, is the such a wonderful person. I hear margarita spa party.....they have margarita products.
Well, I need to go check on the little one and I'm off to watch the KU game Rock Chalk Jayhawk baby!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

It's Friday, Yeah!

So yesterday, a guy I work with and I decided to save the small salt water fish that are here at work. A guy who works here bought a huge salt water tank, and put it in the office behind me. He is bringing his eels (yeah, you read right) to keep here at the shop. They have bought several other fish to put in there, including tangs, groupers, rass, puffer and crab. It is getting quite a bit of attention. So, Tom and I decided to save the 3 little fish so the eels won't eat them.
I'm trying to think what happened yesterday. I know I got home from work and was so tired. I went and took a nap before dinner. That really helped. Then, I was dreaming(after I went to bed for the night) and this guy got right in my face and screamed something at me. It scared the shit out of me. I woke up with my heart racing and I must have jerked something hard, because it woke my husband up. James sleeps so heavy, so it must have been pretty bad. It was so real and freaky.
Today I should be taking Nolan swimming. That is what we usually do on Fridays. He enjoys it so much, and he crashed really easy. It makes for a nice night together with just me and James.
Well, my break is almost over. Everyone have a Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


So, I have 3 minutes before I start work. What can I tell you? Last night I went to the gym and did the step class. It is kinda frustrating since the people in the class have been going forever. I did my best, and man did my legs hurt. The instructor is really good and can work your ass off. Whew! After the aerobic part of the class, she did abs. OMG! I wonder how bad I will hurt tomorrow. I seem to be doing okay today, but usually it is the second day that kills me.
I watched a little tv last night. The Real Housewives of New York and Big Bang Theory. If you want to watch the funniest show on tv, check out the Big Bang Theory. I cannot say enough about this show.
Well, about 30 seconds left, so I better close and save. Everyone have a great Thursday. One more day in the work week!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hello folks! How is everyone doing this week? It is an okay week so far. Yesterday I went and played Bunco. If you have never played before, it sure is fun. You need 12 players and it is a dice game. I'm not super fabulous at explaining things, so if you're interested, google it!
I actually got 3 bunko's last night! (all 3 dice the same and on the number you are trying to roll) I thought for sure I was a shoe in to win the most bunko's, but 2 other people had 3 too. OMGoodness!! I took Katrina and my Mom since they needed some subs for the regulars that couldn't make it. They were fighting over who gets to go next time. To funny!
I am super excited because I accepted a probono session to photography a lady I work with daughter's graduation party. Whoa, that was a long run-on sentence. This will be my 3rd probono and it is such great experience. it is in May, so I have a little time to work on my skills some more.
Also, the lady I work with and another girl I work with are making scrapbooks and have asked for my help. You all should be looking at me to bringing some new people out to the Attic. I know they will get addicted to the Attic just like all of us!!! I love that place.
Well, I'm on my break at work and the bell is about to ring, so I am out for now. Enjoy your day. The sun in shining!!!