Thursday, April 17, 2008

This weather....only in Kansas

So, I haven't been feeling a 100% this week. Let me back-up and start from Friday. Friday I brought my awesome friend Caitlin to Scrapfunattic and we had a blast. She got to see all the new scrap stuff that is out there now and had a wonderful time. We were supposed to come home, color my hair and watch Juno. We were so dang tired, we went to bed instead. Oh well.
So Saturday, we get up and took Nolan to Fun Fair for Kids. It was so much fun!! The only downfall was the parking. Hello? We are building an arena down there too? Here are some pictures of us having a good time. Lots of bouncing and having good clean fun. Okay, for some reason blogger will only put them at the beginning. ????

Sunday we stayed home and cleaned the house. James got the carpets cleaned. With all these animals, he has to clean them about once a month.
During this workweek, I have been asked to take 2 different senior pictures, make senior party invitations and do a photo restoration. Kinda cool about the seniors. I'm feeling the cramp in time because I want to do the parade of homes once this weekend and once next weekend.
James went to the Chiropractor today for his back. They are really going to try and get him fixed up. I went to one once before and they were all about the money. Dopps Chiropractic is about the patient. They are so willing to work with you and work with the insurance company. They are just plain awesome. There is stuff for the kids to do, popcorn, candy everywhere and the people are SO nice. If you need a chiropractor, try Dopps!
Well, I'm sure I have so much more to say, but I'm gonna go chill. Have a great rest of the week.

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