Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Humpity Hump Day

It's Wednesday. Yeah rah. (note the sarcasm) Not much going on today. Went to work, felt sick to my stomach still and came home. woo freakin' hoo. lol I started feeling kinda yucky yesterday (no post) and went to bed like around 5 or 6 ish. I sure haven't eaten anything. I had a banana and some ritz crackers for breakfast. At least it stayed down. It almost feels like morning sickness, buy the husband is fixed and I have an IUD, so no babies in this factory!
Right now I am uploading some pictures to bring to crop night at Scrapfunattic. I just can't wait. I bring two Scrapfunattic virgins too. One girl is stuck scrapping in the 80's and the other is an awesome friend of mine. After we get done scrapping, she is going to color my hair. I'm thinking of doing the ends red. I have an appointment for a haircut tomorrow after work, so it will be ready for color late friday night.
Today was nice because Katrina didn't have to work her second job and I got to see her a little bit before she went to bed early. Working two jobs has made her exhausted.
Well, my husband is waiting for me. Gotta run. Update more later gators!

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