Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Is it an awesome day or what? My bff will be here in just a couple of hours. YEAH! She is in Kansas City as I type this post.
Yesterday my Nolanator told his Daddy and I that his favorite word it shit. Yes, shit. Oh dear, when the school calls, I will be transferring them to James. I have a lovely potty mouth, but he is the captain.
We really didn't do much yesterday. We both worked and Nolan hung out with Grammy. Not much to report on the home front.
Today my mom calls me at work and tells me that Nolan got his Spiderman bucket stuck on his head. WTH? She took him to her building manager and she got some metal cutters. (the bucket is made of sheet metal.) They had to cut it off his head. She said he wasn't worried in the least bit. I asked her if she got a picture, but no one had a camera. Out of 100 apartments, no one had a camera? I will just use the cut up bucket for my picture to scrapbook. Oh the silly things children do. They make it exciting for us don't they?
Well, I'm off to make chicken enchiladas. Yummy! Everyone have a wonderful night!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

What a weekend

Okay, everyone think positive thoughts for me tonight. First my husbands favorite team, the Chargers, lost. Boohoo. Then, the freakin' Giants won. WTH? We are so not watching the Superbowl this year. My husband is soooo depressed. He told me to make some plans for that night. There are two teams that we just do not like in this house and that is the Giants (poo poo on Eli Manning and the New York Yankees.)
Moving on, well the house is semi-clean. Dusting did not get done this weekend, but I did get my living room rearranged. I have been dying to do that for months now. Sometimes a girl just needs some change.
I'm ticked at myself because I didn't do anything I planned on doing this weekend. I wanted to take Nolan to that My Gym open house, but my mom's car battery died and we had to take time out and fix that for her. Then, didn't make it to the mall to see Jim and Julie for the Biggest Loser. Grocery shopping and a nap for Nolan was priority number uno. I also didn't give my animals a bath. We try to bath them frequently since Mr. N has allergies. Still no luck finding them awesome homes.
Well, it is only 2 days away and my bff Katrina will be here. Yeah! Of course it will be really exciting at first, buy I'm sure after awhile of her living here we will both be thinking that we need our own space. Gosh, I think that about my hubby and son all the time. Just kidding. ;)
It is like after 10 and I am so not a morning person. Gotta get up and do the daily grind for the next 5 days.
Hope everyone had a great weekend and have a wonder week.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

So I am finally getting around to posting. It seems like it has been for-eva. The wedding went well. Really disappointed. Get this. The minister wouldn't let anyone take pictures at the wedding except me. Then he told me I couldn't use flash (ok) and that I had to stay in the back behind everyone. WTH? I couldn't get any good shots of the ceremony. Everything had to be re-created, and it's just not the same. Of course, pictures take forever, so we just did groups. I missed the picture of them walking down the isle after they get married because of my stupid battery.
Anyways, that stress is ova.
My bff is moving back. Yeah me, sad for her. Just a quick impersonal background on the situation. Her and her husband are both military. They moved to Alaska for 3 years, moved backed to Kansas for 1 year and then he wanted to move to IL to go to school. They were going to live with his parents. (they have a 2 year old) Fast forward, it is not working and they are separating. She is going to try and get back into active duty (they got out before they moved) or find a job. Hopefully she can stay a civilian and not have to go back. The military pays better, and when you are a single mom, isn't that kinda what matters? How is she supposed to take care of her child? Anyways, she will be here Tuesday and they will be staying with us for awhile until she can get back on her feet. Did I tell you she donated/sold EVERYTHING they owned? They only things they took was a tv, bed and 1 dresser and basic necessities. I think all of that is staying with him.
I am hoping to take Nolan to the My Gym open house this weekend. It looks like it will be a lot of fun. Also, the Biggest Loser is going to be in Wichita. No Bob or Jillian, but some past contestants. I will hopefully going to check it out!
I was thinking about cropping at the Attic this weekend, but the crop is full and I really want to take Nolan swimming at the Y on Friday. He really needs some family time outside the house and he lurvs swimming. He knows right where to go and that we have to take a shower first and everything. It seems like his favorite thing to do eva.
Well, I am trying a new laundry system so I don't have to do so much on the weekend. I'm going to go put some of them away. Have a great night!

Jim's wedding

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Supa News

So, yesturday we took the Nolanator to the allergist. He is new since our old one moved. Really nice guy. Great with Nolan. He put him back on the nasal steroid since he has the allergy shiners and stuffy nose. Should help him. He also suggested a hepa filter. Those sure are pricey.
I talked with him a little about when they would retest him. For those who do not know, Nolan is allergic to eggs, peanuts, cats, dogs, ragweed and mold. He used to have more food allergies, but has outgrown them. Most children outgrow an egg allergy by the age of 5 and only 20% of children will outgrow a peanut allergy. He wants to see Nolan back in 4 weeks and are going to retest him for his allergies to see if we can "challenge" them. He will do the simple blood test to see how high his IgE level is (antibodies that will fight the food) to see if the challenge is even worth it. Woohoo! My son might get to have french toast or pancakes, or muffins or birthday cake!! Of course I make them for him now, egg free, but not as often as I would like.
Well, I thought I would get to post more, but James needs me for something. Maybe I can update more tomorrow. Have a great night!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

So today I am finishing up an remaining laundry. Mostly bedding. I do it every week since we have animals and Nolan has such bad allergies. That makes a minimum of 8 loads to do every week since bedding is at least 3 loads.
Went to Dillons today. We couldn't get very much, but I did get healthy stuff to eat.
James is cleaning the carpets now. We are going to get them professionally cleaned next month. We are constantly cleaning them, but a pro can do so much better. Our carpet machine is such a life saver for us with our animals. So worth the money.
I finished up some of my scrapbook layouts last night that were missing just a couple of things. I will be getting pictures soon to post online. Not sure how to post pictures on the blog yet.
Tomorrow starts the beginning of a normal work week. Ugh.
We have to take Nolan to the allergist in the morning. Thank goodness because he is looking and feeling terrible. Since our old allergist left, this will be the first time we meet his new one. Hopefully they will not do allergy shots. Usually they don't give them until they are 6, but our old allergist was talking about starting him.
If anyone out there know of anyone who would like a wonderful pet, we have 3 cats and a dog that need LOVING homes. The two cats have been with us since 1999, but it is my child's health, and I unfortunately need to find them a home. Please ask around. They are all declawed and fixed. The dog is a blonde lab and is very loving and likes to be outdoors. (she is also an indoor dog) We have had her since she was a pup and she is now about 6-9 months old. She is not fixed yet because when we took her in (someone just left her) she was in heat.
I am hoping that I can finally get into a routine this week. I plan on going to work, pick-up Nolan from home, then head to the Y. It sucks working out alone, but I have got to do it.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Today is a day of cleaning. Every weekend just about ends up the same. I do laundry and clean most of the bathroom while James cleans the rest of the house. Laundry takes for ever, especially entertaining a 3 year old while trying to get it done.
Today I think I cleaned Nolan's room 5 times and gave up. As soon as I put something away, he drug something else out. I think he needs to get some energy out. He is driving me a little nuts.
Last night I went to the Attic to scrap. I haven't been there in a couple months to do that. It was nice. Got a few layouts done and got to catch up with some friends.
I really need to be studying for my brothers wedding next weekend. I am his photographer and I want to get some really unique shots. I found a great one to do, but I am so stressed. I have only done senior shoots, not a wedding. Talk about pressure. Sure, its my brother, but I cried when my wedding pictures where horrible. I don't want the same for them. I don't have the right equipment or enough experience to do them. He said not to worry, but I want them to look good.
Well, I'm off to do some more laundry. The house is about done from the holidays and the general work week. I will blog more later.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Now that I have someone that is reading my blog, I guess I better keep it updated! Summer, your the first person I have given my blog address to, really. :)
Now, we had a 4 day weekend and didn't do much. We just cleaned the house and I cleaned out our hall closet. I thought I would take it easy since we have been working our tails off at work at home lately.
My good friend that I have know sine I was 4 had a premature baby in October. He was a 26-28 weeker. He is doing well, gaining weight and hopefully will be coming home in the next week or two. Yeah Misty and Paul. I am so happy for you.
My brother is getting married in 10 days! Yikes! They asked me last week to take their wedding pictures. Of course I love photography and want to do it for a living, but a wedding. Holy Cow! That is monumental. I am feeling the pressure. My son will be the ring bear in the wedding, so I don't know how those pictures will turn out. He hates me taking pictures of him.
So, I am working on my weight loss. Trying to get my butt to the gym. It sucks working out by yourself. I hate leaving Nolan after I have worked all day and want to spend time with him. I feel so guilty.
Well, on that note I will part. Have a great day.