Sunday, January 6, 2008

So today I am finishing up an remaining laundry. Mostly bedding. I do it every week since we have animals and Nolan has such bad allergies. That makes a minimum of 8 loads to do every week since bedding is at least 3 loads.
Went to Dillons today. We couldn't get very much, but I did get healthy stuff to eat.
James is cleaning the carpets now. We are going to get them professionally cleaned next month. We are constantly cleaning them, but a pro can do so much better. Our carpet machine is such a life saver for us with our animals. So worth the money.
I finished up some of my scrapbook layouts last night that were missing just a couple of things. I will be getting pictures soon to post online. Not sure how to post pictures on the blog yet.
Tomorrow starts the beginning of a normal work week. Ugh.
We have to take Nolan to the allergist in the morning. Thank goodness because he is looking and feeling terrible. Since our old allergist left, this will be the first time we meet his new one. Hopefully they will not do allergy shots. Usually they don't give them until they are 6, but our old allergist was talking about starting him.
If anyone out there know of anyone who would like a wonderful pet, we have 3 cats and a dog that need LOVING homes. The two cats have been with us since 1999, but it is my child's health, and I unfortunately need to find them a home. Please ask around. They are all declawed and fixed. The dog is a blonde lab and is very loving and likes to be outdoors. (she is also an indoor dog) We have had her since she was a pup and she is now about 6-9 months old. She is not fixed yet because when we took her in (someone just left her) she was in heat.
I am hoping that I can finally get into a routine this week. I plan on going to work, pick-up Nolan from home, then head to the Y. It sucks working out alone, but I have got to do it.

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