Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our celebration

Not much to report. We had a normal 4th just like about everyone. Here Nolan's is dancing on the lights on top of the Douglas bridge....were we sat to watch the fireworks.

The river banks we people gather to watch the fireworks.

My favorite shot of the night. Let me just say that I was super disappointed in the firework show. This is the first year any of us had gone and it only lasted 10 minutes. Complete disappointment to wait that long, fight traffic (not to bad) and only have a 10 minute show. Positive things are that it was super nice outside, got a great parking spot, great seat and we can say, "We did it."

Doing our fireworks at home. I budged $3-$5 a year on fireworks. That's IT!!
Nolan is trying to set this stick on fire.

Our Grand Finale....$1.99 fountain.