Sunday, January 20, 2008

What a weekend

Okay, everyone think positive thoughts for me tonight. First my husbands favorite team, the Chargers, lost. Boohoo. Then, the freakin' Giants won. WTH? We are so not watching the Superbowl this year. My husband is soooo depressed. He told me to make some plans for that night. There are two teams that we just do not like in this house and that is the Giants (poo poo on Eli Manning and the New York Yankees.)
Moving on, well the house is semi-clean. Dusting did not get done this weekend, but I did get my living room rearranged. I have been dying to do that for months now. Sometimes a girl just needs some change.
I'm ticked at myself because I didn't do anything I planned on doing this weekend. I wanted to take Nolan to that My Gym open house, but my mom's car battery died and we had to take time out and fix that for her. Then, didn't make it to the mall to see Jim and Julie for the Biggest Loser. Grocery shopping and a nap for Nolan was priority number uno. I also didn't give my animals a bath. We try to bath them frequently since Mr. N has allergies. Still no luck finding them awesome homes.
Well, it is only 2 days away and my bff Katrina will be here. Yeah! Of course it will be really exciting at first, buy I'm sure after awhile of her living here we will both be thinking that we need our own space. Gosh, I think that about my hubby and son all the time. Just kidding. ;)
It is like after 10 and I am so not a morning person. Gotta get up and do the daily grind for the next 5 days.
Hope everyone had a great weekend and have a wonder week.

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