Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hello folks! How is everyone doing this week? It is an okay week so far. Yesterday I went and played Bunco. If you have never played before, it sure is fun. You need 12 players and it is a dice game. I'm not super fabulous at explaining things, so if you're interested, google it!
I actually got 3 bunko's last night! (all 3 dice the same and on the number you are trying to roll) I thought for sure I was a shoe in to win the most bunko's, but 2 other people had 3 too. OMGoodness!! I took Katrina and my Mom since they needed some subs for the regulars that couldn't make it. They were fighting over who gets to go next time. To funny!
I am super excited because I accepted a probono session to photography a lady I work with daughter's graduation party. Whoa, that was a long run-on sentence. This will be my 3rd probono and it is such great experience. it is in May, so I have a little time to work on my skills some more.
Also, the lady I work with and another girl I work with are making scrapbooks and have asked for my help. You all should be looking at me to bringing some new people out to the Attic. I know they will get addicted to the Attic just like all of us!!! I love that place.
Well, I'm on my break at work and the bell is about to ring, so I am out for now. Enjoy your day. The sun in shining!!!

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