Sunday, October 19, 2008

Definately time for an update

So, since I haven't updated in awhile with pictures, he goes!
First up-a card I made for a friend who lost her Mom. We work together, so I made it for our South company to sign and give to her.

Next up, the pumpkin patch today. I had James snap a picture of me and Nolan. Not exactly the best since the wind was blowing like crazy, but at least it is a captured moment.

Now, working our way backwards throughout the day! Here is the pumpkin that he picked out! I love that it is green and orange. He said he wanted a huge pumpkin, bigger than James' head, but I guess this is it! Never knew my husband had such a small head. he he he

This is a little train they have that they can ride. It takes them around most of the property. The great thing is, it gave James and me some time for a break and regroup.

This is a picture that Nolan took. He loves using my big camera....even though I don't like it. I have one hand one the strap at all times and he NEVER gets to touch it without me around. A $700+camera and then add in another $200 for the lens.....I don't think so.

We all rode these awesome slides. You can't see it here, but they are put inside a large hill and you slide down on something similar to a round winter snow sled. Super fun and super fast! Nolan totally chickened out and wouldn't go down by himself either time. I so went first and had a blast!

They have a new "Jumping Pillow" this year. Nolan is so light that with all the kids jumping on this, this is what He did manage to jump on like spiderman (seriously, he through himself belly flop style and just layed there) but bounced on a few seconds later. I almost peed my pants it was so funny.

This is going up huge in our living room. I might even do a canvas.

Okay, so I was supposed to post my layouts from scrap pink like forever ago. Well, I finally took pictures and here they are.

This last one isn't finished yet, but you get the idea. .... this is what he said while I was taking the pictures..Not sure how I'm going to add the embelli's, but I'll think of something!

It has been a long day. Nolan is in the tub and I have got to go. Everyone have a great week.

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