Saturday, October 25, 2008

A picture from Nolan's Fall Festival last night at his preschool. It was a lot of fun. Turned out to be a good family picture.

Caught this little gem after Nolan put his costume on. He has been dying to wear his new costume. He kept asking us everyday if it was Friday. When he woke up Friday he was like, "Mommy, wait day it is?" I said, "It's Friday." He says, "Yes" and did the hole fist pump thing. Totally cute.

We have these out in front of our house. We have a built in planter, so we stick these in there during the season. Their pretty scary looking.....

Our Jack-o-lanterns. Nolan's is on the far left, mine is in the middle and James' is on the right. We have those flame less battery operated candles in there. Those are super nice, but not as bright as a real candle.

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