Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Diana....

A big Happy Birthday to my sister, Diana!!!!!!!!

Boo, and shame on you Desperate Housewives for having such a crappy season. Anyone else feel that way?
Boo to Hero's too. Hello, loved (past tense) that show. What the heck are they doing to it this year?

Big Yeah's and Cheers to:

Lipstick Jungle....oh Kerby and the fashion. You are unbelievable.
Big Bang Theory.....need I say more. I almost pee my pants everytime I watch this show.

I'm definitely leaving:

Private Practice.....nothing. Notta... horrible this season.
Dirty Sexy Money......sorry

How does everyone else feel about the new season's of their shows? It seems the writers can't catch their groove since the strike.

Nothing scrappy happening here. I still haven't unpacked from Scrap Pink. I started my vacation today and you would think I would have scrapped. I read, "The Host" (which is totally sucking...) and watched some tv. Oh, did I mention the nap I took? So much better than work. Can't sleep in tomorrow. I have to take Nolan to school all week, so I must get up every morning. ugh.....but I look forward to that nap. :)

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