Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Had an awesome day with my BFF today. I went with her this morning to find out the sex of the's another girl! She gave Katrina 19 pictures. No name even thought of yet, but so many people were for sure she was having a boy, including the doc.
We did lots of fun stuff today. We went to Nolan the cutest Christmasy jammies eva (red and green plain,) went to Target, bought Nolan a shirt. Somewhere between those two, we went to Le Monde for lunch. It's a nice Mediterranean restaurant.
Seriously, did everyone play hookie today? Everywhere we went there were tons of people! During the day, like on a Saturday busy. It was crazy.
We came back to my house and watched Lipstick Jungle. We love that show. James fixed some french toast for dinner and after that we went back to her place to pick my car up. It was so nice to have some girl time, no kids, no husband and out of the house.
I'm starting to read, "Lost Souls." It was recommended by a friend. She said she couldn't put it down. I tried to read the latest Stephenie Meyer book, "The Host," but gave up about half way through it. I just could not get into it!
I'm off to read the book. My in-laws will be in town tomorrow. Yeah!!! Those people are just fun and Nolan really loves them.

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