Friday, October 31, 2008

Today was Nolan's Fall party at school. I went early and helped with the set-up in his classroom. Here are what the tables looked like. They had pretty healthy stuff. Lots of fruit, some crackers and cheese.

After his party the whole school had a parade. Each class walked around the indoor play space in front of everyone. Nolan did the whole Spiderman thing for everyone. The whole web thing and just have fun waving to everyone.

Each year I take a picture of his first house the we visit trick-or-treating. I love seeing how much he has grown, both physically and mentally. He was able to do to the door "by himself" this year.

Every year I get one of these shots too. I love seeing him and his Daddy walking down the street together.

Well, I totally thought this was going to be the "year" that Nolan loved Halloween. He has been excited the last two weeks just waiting for it. He wore his costume at school today, we went and seen Daddy at work, ate some pizza and then went out. He lasted maybe 30-45 minutes and was ready to come home. After 10 minutes he didn't even want to carry his pumpkin pail anymore. Not sure what was up with that, but it didn't last as long as expected. I wish it had because it was soooooooo nice tonight. The nicest Halloween I have every remembered. We're talking like 60's. I had a t-shirt on!
We had a wonderful night. We got to see baby Jackson today and that was great. He is so darling. I'm pretty tuckered out, so I'm off to bed. Maybe the husband will let me sleep in tomorrow! :)

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Michielle said...

Hope that you were able to sleep in today!!! Nolan looked sooo cute in his Spidey outfit!! Can you believe that we had 82 degrees down here today?? Supposed to be that way tomorrow too!!! Is this November?? (Be sure to keep all his Halloween costumes!!!...good memories!!!)