Sunday, May 11, 2008

Time to update

So, I got to sleep in a little this morning. James and Nolan fixed me some pancakes and turkey bacon for breakfast. Super Yummy!! Katrina had to work today, so we were on sitting duty. It wasn't a very laid back day, but it was beautiful none the less. Nolan and I napped together, played together and then James grilled out for us. We had some yummy bbq chicken, corn on the cob and watermelon.
Not much else has been happening. I haven't been able to scrap in awhile. I really need to. I could use the therapy. I bought the Pagemaps book and the new Lisa Bearnson book out at the Attic on Saturday.
I went to my sister-in-laws baby shower. Kinda uncomfortable since my mom and I were the only people we knew. Everyone else is super tight, so we stayed just long enough and we were out! Don't get me wrong, we like Jessica, but when you don't know anyone else, you feel very uncomfortable.
Really folks, there isn't much else going on. Have a great week!

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Summer said...

Glad you had a nice Mother's Day!!! At least you were with your family!!! And your hubby cooked a fabulous sounding meal!!! Lucky girl!!
Happy Mother's Day!!! Super Mom!