Sunday, June 1, 2008

Start of a new week

So this weekend went pretty well. Nolan and I went to the park down the street on Friday after work. It has the awesome zero depth water park. We played in the water, swung on the swing, played in the water some more and played some catch. I found these awesome velco paddle gloves that catch a tennis ball. Nolan and I played with that for about 30 minutes, which to a toddler is quite some time.
After the park, we did our usual dinner at Denny's and came home for a late bedtime. James and I stayed up way to late, but enjoyed some time together.

Saturday James finished up my laundry room. It is soooo awesome. I am totally lovin' it. We also took some donations to the Goodwill that have been hangin' out in our garage for quite some time.

Today was definitely a busy day. I finished up laundry, which was an all day endeavor, cleaned out the kitchen utensil drawer, the silverware drawer, straightened up the Tupperware cabinet and cleaned off the top of the fridge.

Hope everyone has an awesome week. Tomorrow is my birthday and I have to work. boooo! The big 28!! I think we will keep it simple and do dinner or something. My laundry room was the best birthday present, along with the massage. Kuddos for James!!!

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