Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July weekend

We had a wonderful long weekend. It was great because James and I both had Friday off. For people who worked in retail, it is so awesome not to have to work holidays.
After work on Thursday, I took Nolan to go buy a few fireworks. I bought snaps, snakes and sparklers. James doesn't care much for 4th of July and I'm not really keen on lighting fireworks. Since he is 3, this is the best he is going to get from me.
I talked James into letting Nolan stay up past his bedtime. We are such routine junkies, that it was hard for him to say yes. We had one little mishap. Nolan was out wearing socks and he stepped on his snake. I am surprised that it wasn't completely out because it had been at least five minutes since we had set it on fire. He got a little blister on his foot. Poor guy. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day:

On Saturday and Sunday, we just hung out at the house. We did take Nolan to Toys R Us to see what he was interested. We are trying to see what he likes for his birthday. He is really into Batman, Speed Racer and Transformers. Oh yeah, on Saturday I took him to see Speed Racer. He was soooo excited. About an hour into it, he curled up on my lap and fell asleep. I couldn't believe he fell asleep during the movie. That just never happens. I carried him out and put him in his car seat. Right after I got him in, I dropped my stupid purse and it woke him up. Dangit.
I slept most of today away. I have been battling a horrible sinus infection for about 2 weeks now. I just finished 10 days worth of antibiotics and it didn't help. I have had a headache behind my eye that just won't go away. I am going to have to head back to the doctor this week. My whole family has been horribly sick this last year. Most of it has been allergies, but it has hit our house very hard. I am ready for it to go away.
Hope everyone has a great work week. I did scrap a little this weekend and will post those later this week. I am ready just to go to bed.


Michielle said...

Hi!! Those are some really neat pictures of Nolan with the sparklers!!! Great shots!! Sorry that the little guy stepped on a hot ember....that's no fun!! Man, sinus infection isn't fun either. Sounds like your house has been hit really hard this year!! Take well and GET WELL!!!

Summer said...

Poor little guy! Love that last picture from behind with Nolan with the sparkler!!