Sunday, July 13, 2008

I'm a cleaning maniac today

Today I spent almost all of it cleaning. I did some awesome fun altered art last night for my good friend Caitlin, and it really made me feel good. I love having an awesome creative night. I wake up feeling so good. I will have to post pictures later.

I vacuumed all my furniture, inside and out today. I know this is something that I do often, but I really did it hard core today. I cleaned the carpet in the hallway. That was a process. I fell today and hurt my knee. Some of the water from the carpet machine made my hardwood floors slippery. Ouch. It is more like a burn, than anything, but it is right on my knee cap.
I cleaned both bathrooms. I literally got on my hands and knees and scrubbed with my favorite Clorox wipes. I wipes down every spot on my vanity (which is a piece of furniture with the bowl on top...very ornate) and every inch of my toilets. My bathrooms needed a really good scrubbin.
I also dried my curtains to get the pet dander and hair off, did some laundry and went grocery shopping today. I was very busy.
The Nolanator was pretty good today. He didn't have his listening ears on most of the day, but there wasn't any attitude. I would much have it that way, than the attitude. I miss that kid everyday when I'm not with him. Even on a bad day, when you wake up, it just doesn't seem that bad.
Tomorrow I am going to see my bro and their new little family. They want me to take some candids of them and we will probably have some dinner together. James and I are going to interview a new daycare lady tomorrow at 11:00. We really want something more educational for Nolan. I'm not exactly sure that this is what I am looking for. It is an in-home daycare, but she takes her job very seriously. There is a curriculum and is run more like a Center, than just letting the kids loose to do whatever.
It's a little of 12 AM now. Stayed up late last night with Cait and got up fairly early for not having a child to wake me. Since I'm sure he will be up at the butt crack of dawn, I better go get comfy in my bed.
Everyone enjoy their Sunday.

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