Sunday, August 31, 2008

There really isn't much going on this week. My boss sent me home on Thursday because I was coughing so hard. Went to the doc and another infection. One more and allergy testing for me. This is a positive relief for me because I have been struggling so much this year with being sick.
Thursday was also a big day for Nolan. His teacher taught him how to swing! I have been trying to teach that crazy kid most of the summer and it only took his teacher one day. I am so proud of him and he is so proud of himself. He has this huge grin on his face every time he swings now!
Friday I felt decent (after a shot in the hip from the doc) and went scrapping with a friend. I got 3 pages done, but haven't taken any pictures. I think they turned out supa cute! Around 10 I was actually pretty tired and was ready to go. That is so not like me. I can usually scrap till the wee hours in the morning.
I was going to take down some mirrors in the hallway and put up my Dad and Mother-in-law pictures along with my dad's retirement and military items, but we haven't done that. I'm sure we will have to do some patching and for sure painting when those mirrors come down. When we bought the house they were already know, those square ones from Wally World with the sticky on the back!
Maybe tomorrow we will take our trip to Lowe's. I am still in search of just the right screen door. We will also be looking at new front doors. Mostly to price. I would love a new one, but they are soooo expensive, so first on the list is a new storm door. I want one of those hidden screen doors that just rolls up inside the door! So fab!
Maybe later I will get some pics of the layouts and post, but for now I'm going to help James with dinner.

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