Sunday, September 7, 2008

This weekend was absolutely beautiful. I love this weather. I could deal with this all year round. Took a nice walk today. It seemed like I could have walked forever.....
I have a huge tub of pictures from my wedding, honeymoon and the rest of my life, along with two shoe boxes full of pictures from my dad (military and life) that I went through and sorted. I used a Creaking Keepsakes photo box holder (the big one) and all the pictures fit! I could not believe it. Wow, it says it holds 4600 photos. I just could not believe it.
I also went through all of my scraps. I sorted all my cardstock scraps by color and put them in hanging file folders. I couldn't believe how many I had. It will be so much easier now just to go to the black section a pick out some black cardstock than pushing them around, sorting and hunting amonst my pattern paper scraps.
Other than those scrapbooking endeavors, I didn't do much this weekend. Got most of the laundry done, but Mom's, is the laundry ever truely done?
I'm going to go finish watching Oceans Eleven with James. So far it is turning out to be a good movie. We haven't seen any of them and we are finally getting around to watching them. Everyone, have a great night!

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