Saturday, November 29, 2008

Updated with pictures

Our beautiful sunrise that Nolan and I watch before school one day.

November 21, the day of "Twilight" We got matching t-shirts and waited very impatiently until 3 for us to leave work!
Here is everyone after the movie. It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!
Nolan decided to try on his Halloween costume from 2 years ago. Not surprisingly, it still fits. He went to the store and everything all dressed up. Hey, what can it hurt and he is happy. Isn't that what really matters?
My favorite (and my family's) favorite dressing. Stuffing goes in a turkey, dressing is made as a side. FYI. :P

Doesn't James' turkey look lovely? It was super moist and super Yummy!

I woke up and was at Wal-Mart by 3 am. I had to get a power wheel! When I was walking out the door, this is what I found!

After lots of shopping on black Friday, I came home and James and Nolan has gotten a tree. Isn't it perfect? This is our first real tree since we have been together.

Well, Nolan just informed me that it is snowing! I have to go grab some pics!

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