Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I don't have anything to say. Just had to "update" the ol' blog so you don't have to see the same thing ever time you check it.
Trying to get Nolan to bed. He's crying because he doesn't want to sleep in his bed....just threw-up. That's Nolan.

Oh....somethin' funny for ya. James was afraid to go to Dillon's today to buy some more Claritin D because he thought they wouldn't give it to him because he just got some few days ago. He was like, "They'll think I'm cooking meth." I was like, "Go to Dillon's and cook meth." Whoops. Not the words that I meant to come out of my mouth. I meant to say, "Go to Dillon's and get some Claritin." I do that sort of thing all the time. My brain must have a loose connection somewhere!!! :)

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Michielle said...

Hiay!! Hey, Preston used to do that same thing.......get so mad and upset that he'd throw up!!! UGH!!! So much for letting them cry themselves to sleep!!
I have total sympathy for James. I too have the same feelings when we have to get our allergy meds. I know that they have to keep an eye on these meds, but jeez!!! For those of us that have a legitimate use of those meds, it's darn sure a pain in the butt to get what you need for THREE people struggling with allergies and constant sinus infections!!
Hope you have a good day!!!