Thursday, May 21, 2009

Trip to the zoon

no paticular order:

Had to wear the crown.

This is why he said everything was boring in the Australia exhibit. EVERYTHING was boring to him.

See who else joined him for his nap? Oh, check out our partially decorated bedroom. It is in the re-do process. Can't tell though, can you?

Ms. Jennifer on the left, Ms. Tiffany (my good friend) in the middle and Ms. Marietta on the right. Ms. Marietta has just become a TOP employee, so she hasn't been in his class but a couple of days. Tiff's little boy is standing right next to Nolan and Nolan's buddy Jarron is standing next to Trey. So, it goes, Jarron, Trey, Nolan.

His end-of-year-celebration.....during a tornado warning :) We have so many that we don't panic anymore.

and a couple others:
a graduation card for Hayle....I took her senior pictures. Check my archives.

And a silly pajama day at home. I woke up from a nap and he was rockin' to his ipod

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