Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A week in photos

A Boy and his Dog.

Found these lovely lanterns at The Dollar Tree of all places.

Photo of me, on my birthday taken with self-timer.

Sunday, James told me there was a whole house to clean, so I got the hose, went outside and washed off the siding. Ha!! Sugar loves water and was attacking the water on the windows.

Spending some time out on the porch. Great little smile.

My birthday was quite a treacherous event. Let us not relive it, but enjoy the small enjoyable pieces that did happen. Nolan and I played in the rain and walked in the water puddles. He was cold, so he wore my winter coat.

Okay, so my son was determined to help fold and hang up the laundry, which I was all about. Well, when we went to get the hangers he wanted to carry them, all of them. Ha

Friday was beautiful, so Nolan played with his Lego's and I read my new Scrapbooks Etc. magazine that came in the mail. After we went to Knolla's and Hobby Lobby!!!

So News Flash!!!! There is this really awesome place called The Donut whole here in Wichita. Guess what?? They have vegan donuts on Wednesday. Okay, you may be wondering why that is such a big freakin deal. Wellll.......this is why.

Nolan has never had a REAL donut before!!!!! They all have eggs and he is allergic. I swear, I literally called this place 6 times over two days. I called at 5am to see if they were ready, nope. I called at first break to make sure they didn't sell out, then I had my cube buddy call and make they keep one of every kind back for me so he for sure got one!!!!!!!!! They had 5 different flavors and they are sooooooooo yummy. Of course they have all kinds of "regular" donuts and even bacon maple flavored donuts. This place is pretty cool. Look out Wednesdays!!!!

Let me just say, I got lots of hugs and kisses and was told that I Rock. Umm....yeah.....I know. :)

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