Monday, December 17, 2007

Busy weekend

Wow, we got a lot done this weekend. On Saturday, we took Nolan to get fitted for his tux. Then we walked around the mall a little. It was so much fun b/c it was snowing outside and really made it feel like Christmas.
We decided to pick-up lunch at the mall. James and Nolan got in line at the chinese food, and I went to get a pretzel. Came back and Nolan had told James, "Are you fucking kidding me" when he had to get into another long line. I think he had a great time b/c he got to ride the carousel. That is something he doesn't get to do very often.
After that, we took Nolan to get his hair cut and came home. With no nap, it was about time for his time out amongst the public to end.
Sunday I did tons of laundry. Literally, tons. I caulked my bathroom tub and make 3 different types of cookies. All of the cookies are egg free so Nolan can eat them. Chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate chip and sugar cookies were baking in my kitchen. I mixed up gingerbread dough, but haven't made those yet.
I got my Christmas cards mailed out today. I addressed them to get ready for the Monday mail. I decided I wasn't going to make them this year. I was just to busy working full time and everything.
Took Nolan to Taco Bell and to look at some Christmas lights tonight. He is so tired, so we made a short night of it for him.
Not much going on today. I have to work 10 hour days to get Friday off. Kinda worth it because I will have a five day weekend. Awesome!
Well, that's all for tonight.

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Summer said...

I have soo had those moments!!! Of Johnny blurting out beautiful words!! ha! You are keeping busy!!! 10 hours days?!?!?! ouch! Where are you working?? Okay question- do you have a Rebel?? I need to learn the ins & outs of it and I am dying to be taught!!!!