Friday, March 28, 2008

Aaahhh Friday....friday, friday, friday.......

Thank goodness you're here. Oh, how I've missed you. Bring on the weekend. It has been a rough week. My son has been a pain-in-the-neck to get up this week. We're talkin', laying on the floor crying because I won't carry him around. He Nev-ver, Ev-ver, does that. Thank goodness Grandma came over today, so he could wake up on his own time.
The work week is over. It has been so long this week. The sun was shining earlier this week and it has just gone down hill. No more 5:45 mornings. At least now I can get up around 8 or later. Nolan at least gives me that.
I'm kinda pissy today because I wanted to spend the day with just my husband tomorrow. I was really looking forward to it. We need just some "Us" time. He was really pissy today when I talked to him on the phone (we work for the same company) and he told me he was just having a bad day. Well, he has to work tomorrow and they told him he had to work on Monday too, which is one of his vacation days. He could really use this time off to help the issue in the next paragraph.
Okay, a little background as to why I'm pissy. James has been having severe back spasms the last month. You can actually feel the muscle and can lightly touch it and set it off. He has been going to work, when he should be at home, trying to help them out. (it is always busy at the end of the month) Well, he always works way more than he should and they DO treat him GOOD, but they are making him work when they know he should be home resting. It is just a shocker because they always take care of him and this time they really, truely need to be taking care of him.
Are you still with me?
On to something different.
I had a really good question to ask, and darnit, I forgot. Ugh....I was thinking I should right it down, but I didn't.
James and I took Nolan swimming today and out for dinner. He always has so much fun. We practically have to drag him out of the pool. He was walking around, twirling around to some acquatic class music, spashing around and doing whatever his little heart desired in that pool. After we went swimming, we headed over to Denny's for dinner. I had a grilled chicken sandwich with a salad. No fries! And I have been caffeine free for 21 days!! YEAH!!! We got home, Nolan took a shower-bath and he was out like a light! Yes!!!!!
Well, I'm off to watch me some Super Bad. That is the funniest movie, if you're into sarcasm and teenage sex jokes. It is definitely worth the watch.

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