Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Plowin' thru the week

Well it's Wednesday, as if you didn't know that. Work is the same ol' stuff. Nothing new there.
On the home front is has been different. Steff got me thinking that maybe taking Nolan to the gym isn't being a horrible mother. Thanks Steff! We have been going since we talked. Nolan doesn't seem to mind much, he just turns into a monster when we leave. It is something about his attitude when we walk out the gym door that just goes down hills. Ugh..Yesturday, he had a total meltdown for the rest of the night because he had to wear his seatbelt. WTH? He has never gotten away with not wearing it. This is not something new. Today, he had a meltdown because I wouldn't give him a snack right when we got home. Hello, he just ate an hour ago at daycare. Dude, they are so temperamental.
I went to bed early yesterday and James went to be really early tonight. I went to bed at about 830 and he went to bed at 515....seriously..... This man can really, really sleep. I have no idea how he does it.
I am ready for the weekend. I want a weekend of nothing to do. No laundry, no cleaning, no nothing. I think I may send Nolan over to Grandma's and spend the day scrapping. There are a couple of design team calls that I have found that I am looking forward to entering.
So, if anyone reads this, where can I find some bright colored mixed buttons? I don't want to have to buy more than one bag, but it is looking like I may have to. Someone help me please.....
Well, the Nolanator is up out of bed, so before Katrina blows my head up from her stare...I better put him back to bed. Peace and chicken grease!!!!!

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