Saturday, March 22, 2008

New Blog Layout

As you can see, I have changed my blog template. I am sure lovin' it. It was time for a little somethin' new. It took a little while since I had to add all my blog links back in, but well worth it.
Today we did some grocery shopping and took Nolan to see the Easter Bunny.

He was sure winey today. Ugh...he was driving James and I nuts. He had left his listening ears somewhere other than with him and he just was not having a good day. He was constantly up my butt all day long. Thanks goodness he is in bed and we can start fresh tomorrow!!! Whew.
Does anyone have any plans for Easter tomorrow? We are not doing anything special. My mom is coming over and will be staying for dinner. We are having BBQ chicken on the grill and potato salad. I will probably make my Ramen salad. It is so yummy and healthy!
We are going to color Easter eggs tomorrow. I got them boiled and ready to go. We just ran out of time today. Then we will do a little hiding and seeking of the eggs and just have some family time. Nothing to spectacular. I really don't go all out for any holiday, except Christmas. Love that time of year.
Well folks, I am over two weeks caffeine free and it's great. It is still really hard not to reach over and take a drink of James' Pepsi, but I haven't even cheated once.
Okay folks, gotta go. James is getting p.o.'d at me because Nolan still isn't asleep.

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