Thursday, March 20, 2008

Well today was pretty boring at work as usual. I went to pick Mr. Nolan up and then we went to the Dollar Tree to get some Easter goodies. Umm.....he had me buy him a baby doll and bottle. Needless to say, James is not very pleased. Okay, seriously, this kid thinks that poop is funny. I am so not worried about a baby doll. In fact, he finds poop so funny that we actually use that word a lot when waking him up in the mornings. Poop and farts are just hilarious to him.
So we get home and I finally decided to make Jello jigglers an cut them into egg shapes. That went, o-kay....but it wasn't easy getting them out of the pan. I think my egg cookie cutter may have been to big. I got six out of the big box. There are seven kids, but one is like 4 months old. I got her a little stuffed elephant. I figured I would make Jello instead of making candy or something else super sweet since they will be getting treat bags and candy from their parents this weekend.
Nolan really wanted to play today and I just didn't have it in me. I just wanted to sit and relax a little. James was off balancing the check book, so he got pretty sad at me. I do feel bad about it, but my BFF just had a major relationship crisis and I really needed to be there for her.
Well, I got a little bit of laundry done and a load started, so that is a little less that I have to do this weekend. Yeah!!! It is now 9:30 and I think I am off to bed. If anyone has a chance, make sure and check out Silja's blog link. She is a pretty cool scraper. Her hair is Supa cute too!!

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