Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Well poop.

I promised Nolan that I would take him swimming today, but the pool at the YMCA is closed. Poop. So, instead of going swimming we headed next door to the library. He got 3 movies to watch. Not sure if he really wants to see them, or just randomly picked them out and said, "Here." I was looking for An Inconvenient Truth while James was helping him in the movie section.

We came home and through some dinner together. Nolan had some pizza and James and I had some tuna helper. I haven't had that in ages. I did really well, kept my portion down, and didn't have any ice cream for dessert.

I am just counting down the time for Nolan to go to bed so I can watch The Biggest Loser, Medium and The Real House Wives of New York. I think I have some Jon and Kate plus 8 on there too, but there is no way I can watch that much tv tonight.

Have a great night everyone!!!

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