Sunday, March 16, 2008

Boring Day here....

I really didn't do a whole lot today. I got up and made cinnamon rolls for Nolan. Drank some juice while he gobbled them down. After that, I did a little laundry and fixed the towel holder that was yanked out of the wall a few months ago in the bathroom.
I made some meatloaf for dinner. It was yummy. Haven't had it in quite some time. I fixed some brownies for my mom. She came over and had dinner with us. After that I took my bath and now it is some serious down time for the family. We are all in our jammies and ready for bed. Not sure what time I will actually make it there, but ready to go at any time!
Tomorrow I am really going to try and make it to the gym. My fellow Wiki friend and I had a great talk and I am going to put my parental guilt aside and take my fat butt to the gym. I need that money to spend on me! How awesome would it be to have that and only have me to spend it on?
Well, I'm off to put the Nolanator to bed. Wish this working mother good luck for the work week.

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