Saturday, March 15, 2008

No excuses, I haven't blogged

Well, let's see. Where should I begin? It has been a pretty slow week On Wednesday, I came home and Nolan and I had a picnic outside and played until James got home. We haven't spent much time as a family of 3 in quite some time. We took our shoes and socks off and just played. It was definitely refreshing.

On Friday I went out to the Attic and have a blast. I really needed some therapy and that was just the place to get it. I get to go and hang out with some great ladies and enjoy myself while relieving stress through scrapping. I met one of the girls from my wiki and it was awesome. It was a small group and I got a lot done. I was really proud of my work...probably some of the best I have done yet. Every time I leave I wonder why I don't get out there more. It is kinda a ways for me to drive, but the girls out there are so worth it!
Well peeps, I'm out for the night. Tomorrow is work around the house today. My BFF did all the laundry for me yesterday! we all know how much I hate doing laundry. My weekend is looking up.

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