Saturday, March 8, 2008

The week went where????

Hi all. I only miss work one day this week. Yeah!!! I am finally getting over the I have a bladder infection. WTF???? I have never had one before, so luckily my doctor is open 1/2 a day on saturdays. I went and got that taken care of. They think I might have a kidney infection to, so they are doing a culture on it. Ugh....I will not let it get me down.
It has been such a long week. On friday, my mom came over and did some laundry and took James and the fam out for dinner at Red Robin. I love that place. The food is soooo yummy. The had the Red Robin character there, which Nolan loves, so he was supa excited. Of course I enjoyed my food and Nolan ate his whole pizza. He was such a piggy today, but that is okay since he never eats.
Today I went to the doctor like I said and helped around the house. I mostly did laundry all day. I did take a 2 hour nap. I still get tired pretty easy, but I am feeling much better. I made steak, mashed potatoes, mashed sweet potatoes and peas for dinner. Nolan loves the mashed sweet potatoes, so I made some just for him.
Not much is really happening here on the home front. It really has been a boring week. The most excitement we have had is our dog Sheba. She keeps climbing the fence and rolling around in some kind of poop. James has given her a bath twice this week and just gave her a peroxide, dawn and baking soda bath. She smelled soooo bad. It is so rediculous. He is about ready to kill her and she is his baby. Tomorrow he is off to get an electric fence because she just won't stay in the yard.
Well folks, I am off to read my new scrapbook etc magazine that I got in the mail today. Have a great weekend.

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Michielle said...

Hiay!! It was sure nice to meet you!!! AND alot of fun!!! You sure got alot accomplished...your pages looked nice!! I'll put you on my 'favorites' now, so I can stalk you!! HA!! Hope you have a nice weekend!!