Sunday, March 2, 2008

Things that make you go hmmm.....

So, I'm friggin' sick with the flu again. I was fine for James' birthday, but the next day I woke up feeling like crap. I went to work and the boss sent me to see the doc. Flu....again. Just great. I have tickets to Sesame Street live and a birthday party to take Nolan to this weekend. James took him to Sesame Street Live and Katrina took the kido's to the birthday party.
So, I took James to Outback Steakhouse for his birthday. It went okay. He was so tired from working so much this week. His boss, the only other person he works with, was out sick this week, so he was left to ship like 2 million for the company. I feel so bad for him. After our dinner, our waiter had the cooks made the ginormous sundae for us. It had vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, oreo cookies, lots of whipped cream and lots of cherrie's. YUMMY!!! The whole fam shared it.
Nolan did not make it through Sesame Street. About 1/2 through he gave up and wanted to go home. Good thing we didn't pay for the tickets or I would have been pretty ticked. They were $28 seats. He did get his picture taken with Zoe and Telly. He loves characters.
I did have to venture out and take the kids grocery shopping. James and I haven't shopped in 2 weeks, so there is nothing left in the house for dinner. They were soooo good for us. I was nauseated from my headache and flu, but we muddled through it. They each got to pick out a small toy which is something we really don't do very often. Considering it was a large shopping trip, they did fantastic.
Well.....lots else happened, but I have back-tracked so many times through this post, I should probably stop. I do have to say that this last week Nolan started calling us Mom and Dad and it is really pissing me off. Hello, you are 3. You should still be calling us mommy and daddy........he is getting big so fast.

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