Sunday, June 15, 2008

Katt Willaims and some new layouts

So, Thursday me and my bff went to go see Katt Williams. Well, there was a tornado that we didn't know about......and we were wondering why it got started so late. They never told us at the Colliseum. Anywho, a little complaining about that.
Okay, here is the thing that Katrina and I didn't know about this type of comedy show. There was a host for the evening, 2 rappers, two comedians, the host did a skit and then finally Katt came on. Who knew we wouldn't have gotten out of there until 11. I wasn't a big fan of the prior acts, but Katt Williams totally delivered. After such a stressful and emotion week, it was a much needed relief just to laugh and feel good again. Here are a couple of pictures from the show.

This weekend James came down with a nasty virus. Very similar to the flu and and just felt really icky. Instead of doing our normal Friday thing with swimming, I took Nolan to get James' father's day present (a new Cephlon hard anodized fry pan....hey it is what he wanted) at Target, went to see Horton Hears A Who and stayed at my mom's house. I really didn't want the sick to spread, so we played it safe and slept over there.
Nolan and I had a great time at the movie. He got to "play" a few video games before the movie, did fantastic watching the movie and got to ride the pony after the movie. He even ordered his large root beer all by himself and payed the man. It was to cute.

This weekend I took Renee's class out at Scrapfunattic. It was pretty awesome. I got all my layouts done and even left one there. Whoops! I have worked on the following layouts over the last month and have just got around to posting them. Hope everyone has a fantastic week and enjoy the rain!

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