Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A/C fixed!!

The Roth guy came out at 8 this morning. Looks like our fan motor when out, but our warranty covered parts and labor, so no expense for us. YEAH!!!! The house is currently 77, but compared to 85 I will take it.
I went to work today and our computers finally worked all day without crashing. Our servers crashed last Tuesday and it has been a rough week. We have had the senior engineers here trying to fix the darn thing. It's kinda hard to install 3 new servers and still try to keep your business up and running at the same time, so lots of ups and downs.
I went to the doctor today to discuss my headaches. My CT came back normal, which is a good thing. He thinks that I am having migraines, but they are located in my sinus areas, making it seem like it is a sinus infection. A study was done by the Mayo clinic of 100 people. The doctor diagnosed them as having sinus infections and wrote the antibiotics. Immediately those 100 people where given CT scans and only 5 came back positive for sinus infections. To accurately diagnose a sinus infection, you either need to do a swab or CT, which is painful and expensive. It seems as if migraines were the cause of the other 95 peoples problem, but diagnosed incorrectly. Don't get me wrong, I did have a sinus infection, the x-ray showed that, and they do happen often for people, but in this case the antibiotics worked and I was left with a lingering migraine that made me think it was still infected. My awesome doctor put me on anitryptaline (definately spelled wrong) which is categorized as an anti-depressant, but it would have to be given in a high dose to do its job. He is only giving me 25mg of this because it has shown its awesome ability to help the occasional migraine or other pain elsewhere in the body. I am only taking it for 30 days and he said within 10 I should be feeling awesome. I didn't want to do the whole migraine medication because I don't have headaches very often and they can be very costly. I'm not going to take something if I don't need it. I asked him if he thought the reoccurring sinus infections that I have been having could be migraines and he said yes. I guess you don't have to have extreme pain to have a migraine. It can feel like pressure, pain, pulsating and many other sensations. I learned a lot today.
There really isn't anything else going on in my world. Trying to stay cool in this heat and be a good Mom and Wife. Hope everyone had a wonderful day!

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Michielle said...

Sure glad that you finally got some answers to your pain!! I have migraines quite often and feel for you!!!! In fact, I'm thinking of heading back to my doctor to increase, something, to see if it will decrease my headaches.....right now, they are happening at least 4 times a week. Plus waking me up in the night!!! Soooo, I'm very happy for you that you are on the right road and finally found someone to help!!! I bet you WILL be feeling better in 10 days!!!