Monday, July 28, 2008


I am happy to announce that I have been headache free for 2 days! Yeah.... This may not seem like much of an accomplishment, but after the month+ struggle that I have had, two days are completely worth celebrating.
Friday my good friend Caitlin and I went out to the Attic to get down to some scrapbooking business. I got lots done and even seen someone Nolan and I went to Kindermusic with way back in 2005. It is so amazing how scrapbooking can bring two people together.
Saturday I slept pretty much all day. I think it was a catch up from all the medicine and just trying to recover from the headaches because on Sunday I was headache free.
I love the pages that I got done at the Attic and just need to take pictures to post. I have a few more that I really wanted to do, but it was much more fun to catch up with friends.
Tomorrow is my husband and I's anniversary. It will be 7 years together. It still amazes me that we don't argue much and haven't come to blows very often. We enjoy each other's company and would rather spend time at home with our family, than go somewhere else. Since it falls on a Tuesday, we will spend an evening at home with Nolan, as we would normally do. We have plans to go see the new Batman, "The Dark Knight" which we have both been drooling to see. I'm super excited!
Hope everyone has a great week. Be back in a day or so with some scrapbook page pictures!

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