Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pictures as promised

As promised, some new pages that I have completed. The first one here, Nolan and Elayna had stolen the cereal bag out of the box, off of the counter. I was wondering why they were so quiet so I went looking and this is what I discovered:

Probably one of my favs so far. I used some Heidi Swapp paper and covered the chipboard bird with paper I made myself. I think it turned out really cute!

Katrina and I went to the Katt Williams stand-up. I haven't finished this one completely. I think I am going to put Katt Williams a cross the top of both pages and maybe do some strip journaling on the bottom left. I got some free fabric while at the Attic this last weekend. The red is almost like a mohair, and the blue is a shiny metallic fabric. I love how this one is coming together.

This one is cool because I got tons of pictures on 2 pages and it doesn't look totally cluttered. It is nice and linear, just the way I like it!

This isn't Nolan's first time at the movies, but he was so geaked about going to see Speed Racer that it was totally worth scrapping it.

Today is my anniversary, so Nolan and I decided to make cupcakes. These are vegan cupcakes, so Nolan can totally eat them. They taste really good. The only difference is they are just a tad bit heavier than normal cupcakes. Maybe denser is a better word. Still yummy. Nolan ate his is record time!

He really did help do everything but pour the batter and the whole oven work. This kid is a whiz at the microwave. A great way for them to learn their numbers!

Hope everyone is having an awesome day. Even though is was the three of us and not the two of us for dinner, we still at by candle light. Nolan was totally into it. Unfortunately, Nolan didn't want to eat or try and of his dinner except for the roll, so it was a whole hour of crying, whining and complaining until he finally ate his ham. This kid is so picky. We are trying to break this habit and it is a fit to the bitter end.

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Michielle said...

Hi!!! Hey, your page layouts are AWESOME!! I love how you arrange your photos and your embellishments!! It must just roll off your brain like rain!! HA!! Hope your summer is going well.