Sunday, August 3, 2008

Here is a picture of James and I from Friday. We had an awesome time.

We surprised Nolan with a trip to Rock River Rapids. He has been asking to go there all summer. I wished I had gotten a picture earlier when we had to stop by the ATM. Our ATM is in a Kmart parking lot. I told him, "Surprise. Your surprise is Kmart." To see the look on his face. He was so not happy about it. He was like, "Kmart is not my surprise." He wasn't mad, but he didn't find it funny. This picture shows him seeing his "surprise" for the first time. He was asleep when we pulled into the parking lot.

A picture of him and me.

We tried to get a picture of all three of us, but this turned out to be a nice picture of me and James. You can kinda see Nolan's head down there. :)

Enjoying the fountains. He spend most of his time in the pool. He has definitely graduated to bigger and better things at the water park.

It cracks me up the similarities between Nolan and James. The walk the same, have the same stance and generally have the same interests.

We were in the big pool here, so we had to have the floaties on. Heck, it was getting to deep for me. At 5 feet 1, most pools are to deep for me. :)

Nolan feel asleep on the way home. We were not surprised by that at all. We let him sleep just 30 minutes because he needs to sleep tonight. When we "woke" him up, he was groggy for quite some time. Now he is running around the house and ready for his late dinner. Rarely do we eat this late. We are a strict 6:30 family.

Well, I'm off to eat some dinner. Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Cross your fingers for me tomorrow. I'm getting Botox for the first time......I'll explain about that tomorrow.

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