Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday Monday......

It has come, but is not yet gone...................
Back to business. If anyone is needing a humongous craft table, Hancock is the place to get it. You can buy their old cutting tables for 25 bucks people. 25bucks. These things are soooo nice. If only I could get it into my house and If I had only asked my husband before I considered bringing it home. One of us crafters so needs this table. Come on......go out there and get it. It is on the west side at Central and Ridge. Ok, if you're not going for the table, they have an awesome sale going on in their entire store. Like everything is 50-70% off. Seriously. They still have great stuff left. Sewing machines are on sale at 60% off.......While you're at hobby lobby, walk on over there and check out the savings. There is nice stuff people. Even patterns.
Everyone brace themselves for some more hot weather tomorrow. I think I am going to go hop in the shower. James and I are going to make an early night of it after such a long, hot weekend. I am so ready to close my eyes.
Sweet Dreams!

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