Sunday, August 10, 2008

The last week in review

This week has really gone by slowly. Maybe it was the fact the my dear friend Caitlin was leaving. We have worked together and gotten to know each other very well over the last year. I am very happy for her, but yet sad that she is moving to Lawrence. She will be going to school and starting a new chapter in her life. I have one last thing to say. Rock Chalk JayHawk!
On Thursday I went and had some Botox done at the New Leaf Vein and Aesthetics. I have been having a terrible headache for the 2 months or so. It seems that I was having some eye strain and was squinting a lot. I self medicated myself because the meds the doc was giving me were not helping. The Botox didn't really hurt and it can last 6 months or more. I would like to see if it will help the pain in the area in and around my brows. It doesn't help that it will help prevent lines and make me look more awake! :)
Friday I went to Scrapfunattic and scrapped a little. Caitlin meet me there and it was fun to spend our last day in town doing something together.
Saturday the family went to Hutch to go see "Fly Me To The Moon." I won tickets from the radio, so we rode the Party Bus to the Cosmosphere. I guess I forgot to say that it was in the Imax theater. Nolan thought the bus ride was really cool and then you should have seen his eyes when that big screen lit up. He was just amazed because it surrounds you. A little different than a regular theater.
Sunday we just hung out at the house. I hung up some shelves above my scrap table and moved some pictures over to a different wall. Just kinda rearranged things to make it work more for me. James did the grocery shopping while I did all of this and Nolan played with a friend from across the street.
Well folks, it's time to put the Nolanator to bed. Check ya later!

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