Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday, Ugh....

Okay, I'm not Heidi Swapp and I do not love Mondays. It's a pretty cruddy Monday if that. Our computers were down almost all day at work (1 hour left) and that left for a very long day. I still have my mammoth headache that has not left my head. James called the dr. today and they are going to do a cat scan of my sinuses. There is no reason on the planet that I should still be sick....Two rounds of antibiotics in the last 20 days, including steroids should have me feeling high and dry, not low and wet. :) Moving on to something more positive.
My BFF came over today. I really haven't seen her since she moved out. We just layed in my bed and watch Dick, which was great because I really just needed a friend today. It was nice to talk to her and not think about the last 6 months that we lived together, now everything before she says it and here about all the drama day after day. This was completely new information (think pheobe from friends when she finds out Rachels pregnant.) Seriously, it was so nice not to "know" what is happening with her and just learn about it by being friends.....Does that make sense?
I'm wondering if I will be working tomorrow. My head is still killing me. I could really just need a down day to get my "umph" back.
I'm really not happy with my daycare lady today. My son is almost 4 and he was talking about Halo 3. What 3 year old should be watching/or participating in this video game. This is a daycare, not a teen rec center. There will be words tomorrow. He isn't even allowed to play with water guns. So not cool.....Before I say something I might regret, I'm going to let it go.
I hear that 70's Show is on. I think I will go check that out and help uplift my spirit.
Have a happy Tuesday everyone!

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