Sunday, August 17, 2008

Go Team USA!!....and some other stuff

First off, Wohooo Michael Phelps and all of his team mates that won gold for Michaels big number 8. What an athlete. It amazes me to watch him. Did you all see number 7? A finger tip, seriously that was so close. How do the Olympic judges do it?
So, after all the Olympic comotion, James and I have been busy little bees around the house today. He went to work this morning-a half day, but is now on va-ca for a whole week. It has been almost 4 years since he has had a week off. The last time was when I gave birth to the Nolanator....not much of a vacation, huh?
So, I get up, Nolan made his own cereal (he is so self-sufficient) and started unloading the dishwasher. While I was doing that I wiped down the outside and the inside of my cabinets. (You know, I may have a 50-s style kitchen with the white metal cabinets, but they are sure easy to clean) After tackling that project I moved on to the refrigerator. I took the whole thing apart and cleaned it all. I have been wanting to do that for some time, but life always seems to get in the way. In the midst of doing this I was doing laundry and Nolan was my music mistro for me. The Ipod was definitely changing it's songs every minute.
James came home and we kinda chilled for a little. Nolan and the girl across the street played almost all day. That really helped us get some stuff done. Around 3 we went to Lowes and FINALLY got our flat tv wall mount and a floating shelf to put all of our "electronic stuff" on underneath the tv. Side not on this, why is the Cox digital cable boxes so freakin' big. It won't fit on the shelf by about 2-3 inches and now I have a decorating dilemma. Any ideas? Ugh....But we are so fantasticly excited about it. It has changed the way our living room looks sooo much. Our tv and stuff has been sitting on our coffee table up against the wall for a little over a year now. James still has to put the cord hiding tracks us (ingenious invention) and we are done....except for the honkan cable box.
Oh yeah.....more home improvement...I installed some track lighting above my scrap table. It was SOOOOO easy! I think I am going to put it all over my house. I bought a little end adapter that you plug into the end and then you can just plug it into a regular wall wiring required! All I had to do was drill 2 holes, screw in the track, install the bulbs in the light, put the light on the track and click into place and turn the darn thing on! Voila.....Did I mention how awesome this is? I have so much light now.
I figure since I won't be getting my cabinets and counter top for a while, I will fix my little area up as best as I can. My next project will be taking down the wallpaper. I found so really awesome wallpaper (which I don't want to even mess with wallpaper because it sucks taking it down) but it is $126 a freakin roll. We are talking only 9 yards people. So, I have no idea what color to paint because our kitchen and this area connect. It is all open to each other. I guess I can continue the creamy yellow that's in the kitchen into here, but both James and I are not much of yellow people. I have no idea what possessed us to pick this paint color. It really isn't bad. It is way better than the country blue wallpaper we had. I'm thinking I will do a black and white theme with a turquoise splash!. I want white cabinets with black counter tops in the kitchen and match them into my scrap area. Then I want a turquoise glass back splash. Oohhh so pretty.
All of the renovating will have to wait for awhile. The school Nolan is in costs quite a pretty penny..... very close to our mortgage payment a month, so things are very tight. I also have to reduce my hours to 35 to take him to school at 7:30, so we are losing a little money there. I really should try a little and sell some BeatiControl. I am such a believer in that stuff and I am a consultant. It amazes me that it isn't much more than drug store prices and the quality is amazing. It puts Mary Kay to shame.
Well folks, I think I will post some pictures tomorrow after the wiring is covered. If anyone has any ideas, leave me a comment. I see that people are visiting, but I get no comments. What the hizzle? Well, everyone have a lovely weekend. The weather sure is awesome!

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