Thursday, August 14, 2008

He's off to preschool

So it is official. Nolan is growing up. Like I didn't know that right? Hah! It really hit me today taking him to his official preschool. I believe this place is the best in town. His teacher is a good friend of mine. She won "Teacher of the Year" last year and I totally trust her. Our boys are 6 months apart and used to be in the same class. I'm so lucky that she is his teacher. He is going to get his best educational start that he possibly can.
This morning James woke him up and he said, "Daddy, I'm so excited. I'm ready to learn." How awesome is that. He ran over to my side and was like, "Mommy, I'm so excited." Seriously, I know he was super excited because 1, he didn't eat buy 2 bites of his cereal and 2, he followed James around the house this morning chattering nonstop. He kept saying, "And Daddy......, and Daddy....and Daddy....." It made us feel so good that he was "ready" for school.
We got there and he was gone. I'm mean, he was exploring around the room and finding all the new stuff. When it was time for us to go he gave us our hugs goodbye and he didn't even mind that we were leaving. At a regular daycare before he always wanted me to linger.
When I went to pick him up today he just had to show me everything. He showed me the computer he played on, the 2 rabbits they have, the ready loft, the art, the floam.....just everything. I just tried to take it all in. I just kept thinking that this was a huge milestone for all of us.
My good friend Caitlin moved to Lawrence last weekend. Well she had to come back into town for something and she surprised me and stopped by my work for lunch. The day is just getting better and better.
We went out to Denny's for dinner tonight and then headed to Target. My husband really likes the new shirt I got last night and I said, "Well take me and buy another one." He said okay. So after dinner we headed to Target. I was shocked he bought me 4 new shirts. He said I really need them. Okay, he didn't buy them, but out of courtesy, I usually ask before I buy anything. It is just something we do.
Now Nolan is off to bed and we are just veggie out talking about the days happenings. Hope everyone has a great day. Here a just a couple of pictures from this morning. I wanted to be "in the moment" and not experiencing it through my lens. I think I only shot 6 pictures!

I spotted this peculiar little bug in the parking lot. Cool isn't it?

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