Sunday, August 24, 2008

This weekend has been full of tiding up. Saturday I spent all day redecorating the house. It wasn't a woohoo, I get to go buy new stuff decorating, it was take everything off the walls and mix it us sort of thing. James finished the final stage of the tv wall mount. He got the cable covers installed. I reorganized and rearranged all the pictures in the living room. I took everything off my end table (besides the lamps and digital frame) and either found it a new home (wedding picture is not in our bedroom) or put it away. I am all into to making my house easier to clean, and that means things that have to be dusted have to go! I told my friend today that my living room is so "clean and modern looking" that I need new modern furniture to go with it! Ha.
I got Nolan's art work all framed and got them hung up in my laundry room. I made it into a little art gallery. I love the crisp black frames against the limey green color walls. I also made some cut curtains this weekend for that room. I need to make two little curtains for both doors in there, but for the most part, that room is done. We just need to get a floor in there.
James worked on the yard all weekend. He got all the neighbors overgrown bushes taken down and cleaned up. This does not makes us happy having their bushes/forest on our side of the fence. Next we have to tackle a tree that is growing into our privacy fence. Geesh!
While on vaca, my hubby also cleaned the carpets. He is the man when it comes to carpet cleaning. I'm not sure how he does it, but they always look awesome. I feel for him because it is such a crappy way to end a vacation.
We took a break today to take Nolan to the park a couple of blocks away to play some tennis. Well, we didn't actually play, but you know what I mean. It is a bit challenging to show a 3 year old how to hit a ball. We mostly showed him how to do a bounce serve, but that didn't go very well either. At least we were all our doing something active. After tennis Nolan when and ran through the water park. That lasted about 20 minutes and it was time to go home. I made some of my awesome chili!!! Yummo!!
After dinner we headed outside and I snapped a few photos. These are some of my favs from tonight!

This one looks like a pose he would do for his senior pictures.

One of my favs. I think I will do a color pop on this one. These photos are completely unedited.

I'm out for the night. Everyone have a great week!

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