Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Vacation Wednesday-Sorta

So I took a vacation day at work today. James and I have had this planned for a couple of weeks now. The plan was to take my Mom to the airport (5:45a.m.) go the the doctor then head out for lunch and All Star Sports. Well, I get done with the doctor and head home. We go to lunch, but Nolan refused to eat. We gave him sooo many chances. We gave him a time limit....We're talking like 40 minutes here. We even finally told him where we were going (he has been asking to go all Summer) and he still didn't eat. Of course he threw a huge hissy. We come home and put him down for a nap. He wakes up and is still kinda mouthy. I'm not sure what his problem was today, but his missed out on an awesome time. James and I were so disappointed not to go. It kinda of put a damper on the whole day.
I spend a lot of the day scrapbooking. I did a two page layout on Nolan's new bed. I have come to realize that not every page can be a master piece. I do have a new one to share. I did this one today while Nolan was napping. I can't believe I didn't sneak a nap in there. :)
This is my best friend and her little girl.

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